John Varvatos chooses materials with great caution. Every intricate material has to satisfy a high standard of quality and beauty to be considered. For this piece, he selected a surprising combination of premium Italian brass and a thick woven paracord. Together, they create an unforgettable composition dominated by black and golden tones.

Not every metal allows the designer to create whatever he imagines. Some are too soft; some are too brittle. But the brass Varvatos used is something different. It is tough enough to withstand the physical pressure it may encounter and perfectly suitable to craft even the tiniest details of the skulls.

By far, the best attribute is resistance. Standard brass tends to tarnish and lose its unique shine over an extended period. The leading cause for this quality-diminishing process is oxidization. These miniature skulls are made of premium Italian brass with special enhancements and a perfect combination of zinc and copper. These additions make it immune to atmospheric conditions. The golden glimmer will be there for a long time.

Varvatos’ renowned skull design serves to connect us with those who came before us and remind us to use every moment we have left to the maximum.

Tightly woven black paracord provides balance for a multitude of miniature beads. It is woven in a multi-layer style that allows movement but doesn’t give in to the occasional pulls or pressures it comes across over the years.

The beautiful slide clasp is fashioned in a signature Varvatos distressed style and bears his initials on one side. Instead of a knot, there’s an additional brass skull at the tip of each cord.

John Varvatos

John Varvatos Beaded Brass Skull Bracelet