John Varvatos Genuine Leather Sterling Silver Bracelet, Brown

SKU: JV-031

VENDOR: John Varvatos


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  • Length:  8 inches
  • Width: 12mm
  • Brown
  • Clasp Type: Buckle
  • Leather
  • Weight: 23.82 grams
  • Metal Stamp: 925
  • MPN: JV-BDS8-SS-NS915.01 

This incredible bracelet is another piece in the John Varvatos collection that connects exclusive modern materials with an antique design. The outstanding esthetic and physical attributes of this bracelet are a result of a superb handcrafting process. Seasoned Mediterranean artisans used their knowledge to perfect every detail of the clasp and strap.

For the sake of authenticity, double strands on the bracelet are made of 100% natural animal hide, just like they used to in the Greek city states.  Only the highest quality leather has been used, so it retains its pliable characteristics over the years and doesn’t crease.

This piece’s clasp is pure Sterling Silver. It is more durable and hypoallergenic making it perfect for long-term wearing. It's shine is noticeably brighter than that of regular silver and it does not tarnish.

The design is a combination of the light-caramel tones of genuine leather and the striking silver shine of the metal feature.  Minimalistic composition is broken by the Sterling Silver clasp, cold-worked to its extraordinary appearance by the master artisan John Varvatos. The leather end seamlessly goes around the hook. The clasp base is decorated with beautiful Hellenistic engravings that give this incredible piece its mark of the Greek peninsula.

The entire bracelet has a total linear length of 8 inches. It fits perfectly around your wrist.

John Varvatos Genuine Leather Sterling Silver Bracelet, Brown

John Varvatos Genuine Leather Sterling Silver Bracelet, Brown