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John Varvatos

John Varvatos Simit Brass Bracelet

John Varvatos Simit Brass Bracelet

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  • Length: 7-10 inches
  • Width: 6mm
  • Brass
  • Cord Slide Clasp
  • Paracord 
  • Weight: 32.16 gms
  • MPN: JV-BAD8-BS-NS905.01 

John Varvatos is known to use every aspect of the material to bring his signature style to life. That’s why he chose premium alpha brass and black paracord for this underground-meets-luxury piece. 

Not only does brass’ durability provide security the bracelet will be able to withstand pressures and physical stress it may encounter with everyday wearing. It is also perfect for this piece because of its rich amber color. The circular beads of this piece are inspired by a Turkish bagel called simit, known for its beautiful buttery golden crust, portrayed perfectly by handcrafted shiny brass. 

Distressed look of the brass features is an esthetical choice that connects you to the artisan. Tiny craters on the surface have been made with the artisan’s hammer while the brass was still hot. It is not coated or hollow on the inside. Every feature is made from a full chunk of brass which is then shaped into the final form. 

Tight black paracord serves as a robust foundation of the piece that runs through the brass beads. Multiple layers of cord make it durable enough to withstand occasional pulls that may occur with regular wearing. Near the clasp, the paracord takes a braided form whose dark color perfectly offsets the brass beads. 

The slide clasp will let you seamlessly adjust the length. John Varvatos’ initials are imprinted in the large brass clasp as a sign of authenticity. At the tip of both ends of the bracelet, there’s a miniature brass skull that gives the piece an additional rock ‘n’ roll kick.

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