John Varvatos Skull Sterling Silver Bracelet

SKU: JV-030

VENDOR: John Varvatos


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  • Length: 5.5 to 9 inches
  • Width: 7.5mm
  • Sterling Silver
  • Clasp: Cord Slide Clasp
  • Braided Paracord 
  • Weight: 17.06 gms
  • Metal Stamp: 925
  • MPN: JVB-SS-NS8-4373 

Two kinds of material were enough for a master high-end menswear designer John Varvatos to create a rock 'n' roll masterpiece. Artist's signature metal Sterling Silver meets tightly woven black paracord to create an item that brings out the rebel in you.

Sterling Silver doesn't tarnish. The added benefits and enhancements make it entirely resilient to atmospheric conditions. It is more sturdy than standard silver and can sustain pressures and accidental hits without denting or losing the original shape.

Woven black paracord is a perfect match for sterling silver features because they share one key benefit: durability. The cord's reinforced fibers are tightly woven on an almost microscopic level. Damaging them with everyday use is highly unlikely.

Paracord creates a composition resembling a black chain whose links carry five glimmering Silver skulls. The distressed handcrafted metal has a rugged, rustic look combined with the solid link-shaped black paracord to bring a rock 'n' roll, underground appearance to the entire piece.

The slide clasp lets you seamlessly adjust the bracelet's length anywhere from  5 ½ to 9 inches.  You can tighten it up for a more composed look or loosen it up for casual wear, depending on your outfit. Creator's initials “JV” are featured on the top side of the clasp as a sign of authenticity.


John Varvatos Skull Sterling Silver Bracelet

John Varvatos Skull Sterling Silver Bracelet