John Varvatos Wire Wrap Sterling Silver and Brass Bracelet

SKU: JV-037

VENDOR: John Varvatos


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  • Length: 8.5 inches
  • Width: 7.5 mm
  • Sterling Silver and Brass
  • Small Foldover-Skull
  • Weight: 43.23 gms
  • MPN: JVB-SSBS-NS8-3410

Sterling Silver is contrasted with the rich red tones of the brass wire to achieve the antique esthetic feel and bring out the spirit of the Aegean coast.

This isn't made from some light metal whose qualities will fade in a couple of years. This is Sterling Silver. Time has no effect on it. It will stay shiny and sturdy for centuries. No tarnish. No bends or dents. Selected because of its hypoallergenic attributes as well. Even the most sensitive skin will not react to it.

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Interlocking silver and brass beads made from a single piece form a rustic composition with shiny silver rings that hold them together. Disfiguring it is almost impossible. There are no welding lines. No weak points. Every part is forged as a whole and added naturally to the rest of the bracelet until it's complete.

On top of that, each bead is crowned with a premium piece of alpha brass wire. Tightly wrapped around the bead to give it its unmatched rustic look.

The clasp seamlessly blends in with the composition. At the end of the foldover, there is a miniature skull. With a Varvatos piece, even a tip of the foldover represents a chance for artistic expression.

Right next to the clasp, there is a bead unlike the others. It bears the creator's name- John Varvatos.

John Varvatos Wire Wrap Sterling Silver and Brass Bracelet

John Varvatos Wire Wrap Sterling Silver and Brass Bracelet