Konstantino Men's Sterling Silver Horizontal Cross "Dare" Bracelet

SKU: KT-013

VENDOR: Konstantino


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  • Details: 8.25” L x .75” W
  • MSKU: BMK4150-131
  • Metal Type: Sterling Silver
  • Metal Stamp: 925
  • Clasp type: Hidden Clasp.
  • Gorgeous engravings
  • Beautiful cross
Art that lives.

A piece that lasts.

“Dare” bracelet is a timeless work of art. Even from a short glimpse, you can tell that its beauty goes beyond trends. What you’re looking at is a product inspired by centuries, and there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye…

Take a closer look. Every corner of this precious piece has a story to tell:

Two main ones are the body and the art. The clasp delicately blends in with the composition. Then, four rings hold together an arch of heavy sterling silver specifically designed to comfortably embrace the narrow sides of your wrists. And for the focal point, there’s a cross. A symbol of eternity and gratitude.

But what truly sets this bracelet apart from any other is the engravings. Their tradition spans for millennia. You can find the same motifs on the floor tiles of the ancient Greek villas to the heavy doors of the early Christian monasteries.

And maybe the most fascinating thing about them is that they’re two-sided. It’s a subtle but very powerful detail. It speaks volumes about Konstantino’s level of commitment to perfection. Precisely because of it- this bracelet doesn’t only look good when you wear it. It looks good even when it’s sitting on your desk.

Now a little bit about the material…

This bracelet is 100% Sterling Silver and that’s not just a fancy word. It’s an enhanced form of silver. It doesn’t bend or dent, but most importantly, it doesn’t tarnish. This is a piece that lasts for generations. When the time comes for the next generation to inherit it- it will be in the same shape. No discoloration. No disfiguration.
“Dare” bracelet is your chance to take a piece of Hellenic culture with you, everywhere you go.
Konstantino Men's Sterling Silver Horizontal Cross "Dare" Bracelet

Konstantino Men's Sterling Silver Horizontal Cross "Dare" Bracelet