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Konstantino Mother of Pearl Garnet Hinged Cuff Bracelet, 6 1/4", Hestia Collection

Konstantino Mother of Pearl Garnet Hinged Cuff Bracelet, 6 1/4", Hestia Collection

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Do you remember the Sirens from The Odyssey by Homer, the women who lured travelers with their enchanting voices?

Here we have an amazing thing from the very depths of the ocean that was worn by treacherous women, living on the island of Capri. This item is a truly feminine piece of jewelry made by Konstantino. It is as mystical as the beauties who inspired our craftsmen to make the bracelet.

It is designed to highlight the beauty of female hands. The pearls are covered with two lines of twisted weaving with sterling silver. Platinum adds value to the alloy which is called sterling silver, making it more unique.

Pearl is a symbol of the Moon and water, the ocean depths that are boundless and full of treasures. Just look at these pearls! They remind of the magic songs of the Sirens.

The pearl garnet is a key element. According to beliefs, this stone is a symbol of eternal love. It is considered that a garnet stone bracelet helps manage people and attract wealth.

This bracelet underlines the femininity and gracefulness of wrists.

The two symmetric parts in the shape of a cross are made of 18k gold and mean that every person can find a special person they truly connect with. The bracelet will bring a single girl good luck in finding a life partner, and help a woman in a relationship harmonize their feelings.

This is an open bangle bracelet. Even in a perfect couple partners are connected with each other but retain their individuality. When creating the luxurious bracelet, the Konstantino artisans intended to highlight things that were glorified many centuries ago: brightness, power, and sensuality.

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