Braided thin leather bracelet finished with riveted silver clasp. This stylishly slender Scott Kay Men's Bracelet Black Leather and Sterling Silver Clasp, 8.5 Inches gives you just the right look when you want to add to your outfit. The sterling silver clasp is strong and durable to protect your investment.

  • Scott Kay men's jewelry is known for fine craftsmanship and innovative design
  • Tightly braided leather bracelet that will look great on any man's wrist
  • Made of top quality leather and sterling silver
  • Features a gorgeous sterling silver lobster clasp
  • Comes with Scott Kay's complimentary Spa Care Treatment - jewelry lifetime care to restore the piece to it's original brilliance.

Scott Kay

Scott Kay Men's Thin Leather Bracelet, Black and Sterling Silver Clasp, 8.5 Inches