Style, sophistication and simplicity are just a few of the common element's throughout the goods in Daly's store. In the world of risk, the best representation of these characteristics is the roulette wheel. Sophisticated and uncomplicated, roulette is a game that immediately conjures a sense of class and refinement making these black cufflinks the perfect accessory in every setting.
  • Length 2.70cm (1.00in) x Width 1.80cm (0.70in) x Depth 1.10cm (0.40in)
  • Tateossian collections are known for their traditional designs combined with wit or elements of surprise
  • Men can dress it up and still let their unique personality shine through
  • Fun "gambling" featured cufflinks entice the wearer to interact with them
  • Tateossian signature diamond pattern the case. Rhodium plated finish.


Tateossian Roulette Wheel Designer Cufflinks, Silver, Red and Black