Tateossian silver globe cufflinks have a rotating blue semi-precious globe inlaid with latitudinal and longitudinal lines. The globe is held in place with a semi-circular bar from which the stiff bar of the cufflink extends; ending with a silver sphere fitting. These cufflinks are Rhodium plated sterling silver and perfect for any outfits.
  • Length 3.00cm (1.20in) x Width 2.10cm (0.80in) x Depth 1.50cm (0.59in)
  • Tateossian collections are known for their traditional designs combined with wit or elements of surprise
  • Men can dress it up and still let their unique personality shine through
  • Links have rotating globes inlaid with latitudinal and longitudinal lines
  • Mini worlds within the cufflinks are complex mosaics of semi precious stones. Rhodium plated sterling silver.


Tateossian Mens Silver Globe Cufflinks - Blue/Silver/Gold