Collection: Mens Cuban Chains

Iconic, classic, beloved. The Cuban Chain stylized with flat, wide, and durable chains, these necklaces and bracelets are ideal for every occasion. Wear over a crisp white t-shirt for old-school vibes, or pair with a tailored suit to impress at your business meeting. Cuban links remain a sign of status and a symbol of success for any man.

Our range of Cuban chain jewelry items includes both necklaces and bracelets in a range of chain styles, including Miami, Figaro, and Mariner. Don’t underestimate the versatility of these Cuban chains. Once you realize you can wear it with anything – you will.

Gold and Sterling Silver Cuban Link Chain Jewelry. Premium gold and sterling silver is essential when creating a Cuban chain. The strength and versatility of the chain is weakened when subprime metals are used. That’s why we only select Cuban chains that are made with the finest materials from expert craftsmen. Whether it’s a sterling silver Miami Cuban necklace or 14k gold Cuban chain bracelet that catches your eye, you should only select the highest-quality items for durability, luster, and shine. To keep things fresh, we have a selection of men’s chain jewelry in numerous popular styles. There are multiple chain styles to explore, each with unique features and vibes. We have explained these in detail below. You’ll also be able to select from multiple lengths on many of our hand-selected bracelets and necklaces to ensure the perfect fit.

Miami Cuban Chain. The Miami style Cuban chain is the classic style. Identical linked oval or round loops are secured and laid flat to create a fluid yet solid-looking shape. The Miami style is the simplest and has been the most popular since the late 1970’s. It looks sleek in both yellow gold and sterling silver. Another type of Cuban chain that’s often mentioned alongside the Miami, is the Prong Cuban link chain. Unlike the round, fluid edges of the Miami chain, the Prong chain is sharper with square edges – but is just as sturdy and expertly crafted as the Miami.

Figaro Cuban Chain. An exquisite example of a Cuban chain that goes beyond the basic structure of the Miami, is the Figaro. Figaro Cuban chains use a repeating pattern, for example; 3 round loops, 1 oblong loop, 3 round loops. The result is a lighter version of the Miami with a different vibe. Figaro chains may have originated in Italy, although we cannot be 100% certain. What we are certain of, however, is that the Figaro chain is incredibly popular and very versatile. Figaro Cuban chains from different brands can be vastly different, depending on the fine metals, link shape, and pattern used. Traditional Figaro chains use only alternating oblong and round links, while more contemporary Cuban chains use a variety of shapes.

Mariner Cuban Chain. The Mariner Cuban chain, also referred to as the anchor or marina chain, has a very distinctive style and is thought to have a maritime history. We find that our range of Mariner Cuban chains are particularly popular with those in the forces, particularly the Navy. It is stylized by elongated oblong links with a single bar piercing through each one. This enables the chain to lay very flat against your skin and drastically improves the strength and durability of the chain. This is the strongest Cuban link chain available and is designed for any man who likes to push the limits.

Light Cuban Chain. Any Cuban chain that falls into the light category will be slimmer and more flexible than a traditional style. A light Miami Cuban chain is often slimmer and less weighty than the traditional chain, enabling more flexibility. If you want a subtler, sleeker vibe – or a more slender chain to stack with other jewelry items – then opt for a light Cuban chain. Lighter styles are also more popular for formal occasions and look suave with a well-tailored suit.

Wheat Chain. Wheat chains are a similar style of chain to the Cuban chain and often fall into the same category. Rather than lying flat against a surface, the wheat chain is rounded. It is comprised of four braided links that twist together intricately. Along with the cable chain, box chain, and rope chain, these sleek jewelry styles for men are very popular but won’t fall flat when worn and shouldn’t be confused with authentic Miami chains like those in our collection at Upscale Man.

Men’s Cuban Link Bracelets. The Cuban link bracelet has a loose fit around the wrist, easily sliding under or over clothing and stacked up with other link chains. Multiple identical light chains, or a mix of Miami and Prong chains is a classic look. The classic gold Cuban link bracelet from Midas is one of our best-selling pieces. You can really feel the quality of the piece when you wear it, in the weight and shine of the metal. Nothing glimmers quite like 14K gold and with the easy to attach clasp, you’ll find no reason not to wear this polished Cuban chain every day.

Men’s Cuban Chain Necklaces. Length is an important factor when it comes to a gold or silver Cuban link necklace. Traditional Miami style Cuban chain necklaces could be quite long, while more modern styles use shorter necklaces that can be stacked up with other chains and ropes. Either way, the Cuban chain makes any outfit effortlessly fresh in seconds. One of the reasons Cuban chains are so popular is that they can simultaneously add a casual and stylish touch. Their simplicity yet symbol of status has widespread appeal.