Collection: Mens Leather Bracelets

Leather is a powerful material, particularly when it comes to jewelry. Some men may feel that bracelets are too feminine for men to wear – but they haven’t seen our collection of men’s leather bracelets! These strong, corded leather bracelets and cuffs are versatile, stylish, and unequivocally masculine. It doesn’t hurt that they’re comfortable and long-lasting too. Leatherwork is an artisan craft that only select designers and jewelry creators have mastered. Here at Upscale Man, we have sourced a varied range of leather bracelets from designers such as Tateossian, John Hardy, Scott Kay, and Konstantino.

High quality materials are essential for our men’s leather bracelets. Real leather and precious metals are used to create these bracelets. You can feel and see the difference on your wrist. This leather won’t peel and crack like faux materials, and the sterling silver or beaded components catch the light with a glimmer that’s unmatched by lower quality metals. Although the quality is at an equal, high level, the style and designs of these leather bracelets are incredibly varied. Whether you’re looking for a rugged and weather-worn leather bracelet to match your life experience, or something slender and refined that will make an impression at business meetings, we have a bracelet for you.

We always see a huge demand for simple braided leather bracelets for men. With an easy clasp and simple beaded detail, they are effortless to wear. If you are purchasing your first men’s leather bracelet, we recommend you start with this style. Other popular styles available in our collection include thick braids and beaded braids, embellished with lavish gemstone beads and intricate clasps. Other braided bracelets go for a more refined vibe, with square links and sterling silver accents.

You’ll also notice plenty of color options. Leather can be dyed a range of colors, including ever-popular red, cerulean, black, and navy. You cannot go wrong with classic tan leather either. These leather bracelets are ideal for combining and stacking with other masculine jewelry. Some leather bracelets come in a layered style, with multiple leather strands attached to one clasp, for convenience. Others can be stacked with chain jewelry to create a completely different vibe.

Cuffs are another popular style that looks great at work, under your suit sleeve, or at the after-work party or club. They’re certainly versatile. Thick leather strands that clasp around your wrist or are slipped on over your hand exude a certain strength and dominance. Wood and metal inlays or detailing adds further style and personality. Wearing leather is a sign of luxury. Real leather, whether it’s a bracelet or wallet, can be a sign of status. Equally, it can show your worldliness – the man who’s as tough and hardwearing as the leather jewelry he wears.