Collection: Mens Beaded Bracelets

A beaded bracelet is one of the most understated tools in any man’s wardrobe. This simple piece of jewelry can be used to effortlessly exude any vibe you like. Whether it’s beach surfer cool and relaxed, or businessman sleek and polished, there’s a beaded bracelet that tells the right story.

Our collection includes some stunning pieces created by leading designers, such as Scott Kay, Tateossian, and John Varvatos. These aren’t the cheap plastic beaded bracelets you find at the mall; these are artisanal bracelets designed for the modern man. You will find sterling silver clasps, carefully blown glass beads, precious stones and gemstones, and luxurious leather components to many of our beaded bracelets.

The one thing all these bracelets have in common is that they were handpicked to be part of the Upscale Man curated collection. We only work with the finest designers and encourage the use of high-quality materials. Our simplest beaded bracelets for men really showcase the quality shine and depth of the beads. Green jasper, sodalite, onyx, and lapis lazuli are customer favorites. You’ll also find some intricate and unusual beaded bracelets in our collection. Square beads, recycled glass, and engraved clasps add a unique style to your entire outfit. Layer up these men’s beaded bracelets with leather cuffs or even a chunky Cuban chain bracelet. You’ll also find pendant necklaces that flawlessly match these bracelets.

If you are looking to create a professional allure, look for onyx, rhodium, and brown tiger eye beads. They add a lustrous shine to your outfit without detracting from the authority of your work outfit. Try matching our beaded bracelets with a crisp, tailored suit. On the other hand, if you are looking for something more casual that still screams masculinity, try more vibrant colors. Shocking red or blue beads, dispersed with gleaming sterling silver spacers, are very popular at the moment. We also see a constant demand for shaped beads – skulls, stars, and crowns in particular.

Combining beads with leather and pendants has many advantages. Besides the great aesthetics, these men’s beaded bracelet types are versatile too. Rather than a delicate string of beads, select gems and statement bead pieces are woven with tough leather to create a bracelet that is firm, masculine, and won’t snap during real life circumstances. Macrame is a popular design that we admire at Upscale Man. We have a range of men’s beaded bracelets that feature this woven leather, studded with fine glass, gemstone, and precious metal beads.