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John Varvatos

John Varvatos Artisanal Sterling Silver and Sodalite Beaded Bracelet

John Varvatos Artisanal Sterling Silver and Sodalite Beaded Bracelet

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This piece is a unique blend of two exceptional materials. One is Sterling Silver that the master craftsman John Varvatos often uses to elevate the design of metal features and add a layer of luxury to the piece. The other is Sodalite. He uses this rare gemstone only when the item demands natural aquatic tones no other stone can match.

Sodalite can be found only in a few places around the world. Only a small percentage of those qualify as jewel-worthy. And an even smaller percentage of those are deep blue sodalite cuts such as the ones you’re looking at right now. They’re not dyed. The color you see is entirely natural. Its fantastic properties match the exclusive origins. Outstanding hardness prevents small cracks and other mechanical damage, so it never loses its unique smooth surface.

Shiny metallic features are made from pure Sterling Silver. It is an enhanced type of silver that shines even brighter. And the shine lasts longer. Standard silver or other more sensitive precious metals lose their glimmer in a few years because of tiny scratches that accumulate over time and because of oxidization. Sterling Silver is immune to both. Its supreme hardness prevents minor scratches, and it doesn’t react to oxygen, air pressure, or moisture.

The composition encapsulates a struggle between warm shades of blue with sprinkles of creamy white clouds and cold, metallic colors of the Sterling Silver spheres. Handcrafting hammer marks give them miniature craters that decorate them with a timeworn look. They beautifully offset the smooth blue marble-like sodalite beads.

Fold over clasp is decorated in a classic Varvatos fashion. A smooth silver surface and a miniature skull at the tip represent the artist’s timeless style.

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