Collection: Men's Rings

One of the best accessories for men is a luxurious men’s ring. Worn on any finger – or even a thumb – a ring can be a sign of status, family, belonging, or just a demonstration of your masculine style. Our assortment of luxury men's rings at Upscale Man is designed by high-end designers, including Scott Kay, John Varvatos, and Konstantino. They are artfully created using the finest sterling silver, bronze, and eighteen karat gold.

You can really make a statement with one of these charming men’s rings. They are the perfect accessory to any outfit day or night. Find rings that are subtle enough to wear as an everyday accessory but classic enough to style with any suit. Remarkable artisanship and detailing can be found on each and every ring in this lavish collection. When selecting a ring, you first need to choose a purpose. Will it be an everyday ring? Will it signify something important? Is it a ring for an outing or even a gift?

Our ring collection includes styles and designs that work for every occasion. If you are looking for something casual, consider a bright or bold signet ring. For a ring that won’t look out of place in the board room, try a simple sterling silver band design. Upscale Man customers are particularly enamored with the intricate detailing and colors used by Scott Kay and Konstantino. Inspired by meaningful rings of the past, these designs add a modern twist. Clovers, shields and Maltese designs are just a few of the intricacies you can find.

Our most popular symbolic rings feature skulls, crosses, and crests, as well as mythical creatures include serpents and Pegasus. You are sure to find a ring here that holds a special meaning to you.

These rings are artisan. That means only the finest quality materials have been used. Stamped with the designer’s seal, these rings are made from gleaming sterling silver, 18K gold, and are embellished with gorgeous natural stones. Black onyx and blue sodalite are incredibly popular. You’ll also discover some intricate patterns and designs that you won’t find elsewhere. These aren’t the cheap, mass-produced rings you find at the mall. Our hand selected range of men’s rings are one of a kind and will certainly set you apart from the crowd.