This is the world’s most innovative carry-on luggage case. Combining cabin luggage and a garment bag into a beautiful product. Every detail is designed for the frequent traveler. The luggage case is detailed with beautiful and silver hardware. Tastefully embellished with the Hook & Albert brand. The luggage case features high quality top-grain leather accents for the luxurious and elevated feel. The garment luggage carry-on is the embodiment of the brand’s mission to find the perfect balance between function and style.
  • Length: 55cm / 22in Width: 36cm / 14in Depth: 21cm / 9in
  • Combines cabin luggage and a garment bag into a beautiful and cohesive product.
  • Weight: 3.55kg / 7.8lbs Wheels: 2 / Designed for extra storage capacity. Leather accents, premium hardware.
  • Garment Section: Width of 48cm / 19in and expansion of 7.6cm / 3in. When packed, it can comfortably fit up to two dresses/gowns or two size 42 suits.
  • The perfect wrinkle-free luggage. Enough space to comfortably fit up to two, size 42 suits. The extended length allows for longer garments such as dresses and larger suits.

Hook & Albert

Hook and Albert Black Garment Luggage Carry-On