Collection: Jan Leslie

Jan Leslie started originally started out in one of the big accounting firms, but she decided she wanted to pursue her design dreams. She had many things going for, including a degree in Accounting & Entrepreneurial Management and an internship at the Parsons School of design in the Metals Department, both of which were assets when she made the decision to begin her own jewelry design business. She’s been called a fashion visionary.

She offers a very diverse collection of accessories for men. Best known for the vibrant and beautiful hand-painted enamels and her amazing collection of semi-precious stones, she redefines and rejuvenates menswear throughout the year.

She interprets the world that is around her and creates beautiful and new forms. In particular, the enamel pieces which are hand=painted sometimes are compared to paintings. The cufflinks she creates are thrilling and a collector’s item.

As you can see by some of the items that we have of hers, the cufflinks are beautiful and vibrant in color. They make wonderful gifts or a great addition to your own accessory collection.

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