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While Tim Foster was working for a record company back in 2005, he created a unique handmade necklace from a hammered penny from 1979 for his girlfriend. This raw, unique textured, simple keepsake was what made him decide to change his career. In 2006, the brown as Pennyroyal Studio was launched. It started out with just a small group of designs that were hand-crafted from sterling silver inspired by some of the favorite lyrics and songs of Tim.

His passion for animals, philanthropy and music lead to a variety of design collaborations for charities with some of music’s biggest names. The collaborations have raised more than $250,000 to today. Exclusive deals for licensing with different TV personalities, organizations, and charities have followed, and he’s very actively pursuing exciting and new projects.

Tim’s work constantly changing and reflecting the passion he has for nature, the endless curiosity he has about nature, and his love for music.

The designs that we offer from Pennyroyal Studio are unique and quirky, with a beauty all their own.

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