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John Varvatos

John Varvatos Brass Distressed Cuff

John Varvatos Brass Distressed Cuff

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John Varvatos’ master craftsmanship is best displayed on a minimalistic piece like this fantastic cuff. There are no lavish details designer could hide behind. It is a sophisticated cuff that excels in every regard. Premium brass and a unique pattern hidden on the inside elevate this piece’s non-intrusive esthetics.

Choosing a suitable material for a thin piece like this one is tricky. On the one hand, it needs to be strong to withstand likely physical pressure without bending or losing its shape. But, it can’t be brittle and risk breaking if it gets bent a bit. That’s why flexibility is also coveted.

Brass is the perfect choice for this cuff precisely because it is both sturdy and flexible. It also scores many points on the esthetical side of things with its spectacular golden glimmer. You can wear it with your other bracelets and cuffs or make it a beautiful addition to your formal outfit. Either way, it will come up looking tastefully.

Distressed appearance is not only an artistic choice that gives this cuff a timeworn historical look. It is also a testament to handcrafting. The marks of the artisan’s hammer are visible all over it, and if you were to get two or compare it to another cuff of the same kind, you’d see that they are not identical. Each piece is handcrafted individually.

The engraved arrow pattern on the inside adds another layer of beauty that shows itself when you take it off. The true luxury of this piece is that it looks impressive even when it’s sitting on your desk.

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