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John Varvatos

John Varvatos Nail Cluster Necklace, Sterling Silver and Brass

John Varvatos Nail Cluster Necklace, Sterling Silver and Brass

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  • Length: 24.25 inches
  • Sterling Silver and Brass
  • Leather Cord 
  • Clasp Type: Small Foldover-Skull
  • MPN: JVNMX0024-NS-24

Every John Varvatos piece is made only from the finest materials, and this unique necklace is no exception.

The black cord is 100% natural leather. It is very pliable but, at the same time, resistant to creasing, keeping the original form for many years.

The silver used to craft this timeless piece is the most suitable type of silver for jewelry making. No other kind can be worked to such incredible detail and still be so durable that even the thinnest parts are impossible to bend or damage. It also doesn’t lack any esthetical points. In fact, its shine packs a lot brighter punch compared to regular silver, especially when it’s introduced to direct sunlight.

Alpha brass wire is tightly wrapped around the silver nail cluster to achieve a distinctive vintage look. When juxtaposed to the moon color of the pendant, it comes off like a royal red color, reminiscent of the ancient past.

The pendant is made up of five Sterling Silver nails held together by a rustic brass wire. Meticulous craftsmanship of the artist John Varvatos is best embodied by the small details that bring life to the piece. If you zoom in, you’ll notice the timeworn effect of the nails he created using only his hammer.

The design carries an obscured symbolism to the crucifixion. We often see a cross in one form or the other in the works similar to this one, but very rarely do we choose to represent the other essential part of the biblical suffering- the nails.

The tip of the clasp is decorated with a miniature skull and along the black cord, there’s a mark of authenticity- a smaller pendant with the artist’s initials- JV.

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