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Konstantino Mother of Pearl Ruby Earrings, Hestia Collection

Konstantino Mother of Pearl Ruby Earrings, Hestia Collection

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The luxurious women's earrings, made by Konstantino, with wonderful round rubies and pearls highlight your passionate nature, dignity, and high social status.

Ruby is of divine origin. According to eastern legends, it was made from the blood of Surya, God of The Sun. The precious stone was found in deep mysterious caves where dragons lived. In ancient India, the ruby ​​was a powerful amulet that gave invulnerability and absolute power over others. At the same time, the magical properties of the stone uncover the best qualities of a person: mercy, generosity, kindness, and inspiration to be creative.

The sculpture of Hera was in the center of the main temple in one of the ancient Greek cities. A lot of precious stones were near it and the main, an incredibly beautiful ruby, was in the head of the sculpture.

The stone is considered a symbol of vitality, royalty, and passionate love. If you are single, it ​​will help find true love for life, and keep the feelings of lovers for many years. The stone brings peace and improves self-esteem.

Ruby has always been the lord of stones. According to the authors of past centuries, it takes melancholy away and puts in a good mood.

This is a must for every woman. It helps to preserve youth and attractiveness and makes you sexy and sensual. The collection of Elizabeth Taylor had a large number of jewelry with rubies. It seems like this was the key secret of the Hollywood diva’s unfading beauty.

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