Iconic, luxurious, statement jewelry. This is what the Konstantino craftsmen were guided by when creating this amazing piece. The cross keeps the warmth of the Greek seashores and recalls the history and beauty of the past centuries.

18k gold, sterling silver with a 925 stamp, and pearls, together with a rope pattern, make the product worthy of outstanding personalities with strong character and good taste. It is simple to imagine the cross on the neck of a lady-in-waiting, who lived in the century before last.

 "Designed to create a specific atmosphere". This is the best way to describe this piece of jewelry, made by the Konstantino artisans. If our craftsmen had to give it a name, it would be "Constantinople" – a symbol of the Christian world. Or maybe "Byzantine" that attracted the invaders and amazed them with its wealth and magnificence. It is easy to feel the atmosphere, emotions, and mystical legends that have influenced this design.


Konstantino Sterling Silver & Gold Cross Pendant, Hestia Collection