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Konstantino Women's Onyx Ring, Black, Calypso Collection

Konstantino Women's Onyx Ring, Black, Calypso Collection

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Nature can create perfect works. It is easy to understand when looking into the depths of black onyx. The collaboration of nature and men can result in a work of art that will be admired by many generations.

Here we have a bracelet made of sterling silver and 18k gold. The main jewel is onyx of deep black color. This ancient stone has been popular since the 5-4th millennium BC and has contradictory properties. It can both have a good effect on the owner’s fortune and bring troubles. It is like a pandora's box that contains secrets and magic.

Konstantino craftsmen were inspired by the legends of Zeus, Prometheus and the beautiful Pandora when creating this women's bracelet. Legend has it that after humans received the stolen gift of fire from Prometheus, an angry Zeus decided to send evil to people living on Earth. He ordered Hephaestus to create a "beautiful evil" who would be similar to people. Pandora was a beautiful maiden who could bring both happiness and terrible troubles.

Take a closer look at the bracelet. A unique shape and gemstone cuts makes it look deliberately simple and at the same time have the grace of an ancient twisted pattern on silver edges.

All three materials combine wonderfully and harmoniously together: aged sterling silver, bright gold, and a mysterious black mineral.

This is a unique piece of jewelry that blends the secrets of legends and the skill of the Konstantino craftsmen and makes you feel the atmosphere of mysterious ancient Greece and the Olympic gods.

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