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Konstantino Women's Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Pearl Ring, Hestia Collection

Konstantino Women's Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Pearl Ring, Hestia Collection

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A pearl ring is a real time-tested classic that has been proven for more than a century. Both noble ladies and queens loved pearl jewelry. This mysterious mineral is tied with many legends and traditions, and it is still popular among modern women of fashion.

Pearls are a natural mineral from the sea. These stones always have positive energy and a lot of useful properties, including body rejuvenation. Historians know how Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, loved pearls. Permanent wearing of the ring helped keep her beauty and youth for a long time.

Pearl products help improve your backbone, get rid of excessive pride, negative thoughts, and become less constraint and closed nature. The mineral will help you easily connect with other people, and improve your charisma and charm. The stone also attracts love and brings loyalty and tenderness to your relationships. Pearls are not for everybody, as it is believed that it is not for the weak-willed.

Pearls are also widely used in medicine, which means that they have useful healing properties. It also has a sedative effect. In the Middle Ages, doctors found out that the stone calmed the nerves.

Gold and silver are the most classic materials that are usually used in pearl rings. In combination with these precious metals - as our craftsmen made on this particular product - they highlight and intensify the glint of natural material in various shades of colors. This product from Konstantino attracts attention, so you definitely will not go unnoticed!

  • Three Mother of Pearl gems are surrounded by 925 sterling silver and 18k gold accents
  • This fine ring from the Hestia collection has beautiful Greek etched details
  • Konstantino rings are handcrafted in Greece with unique designs and remarkable artisanship
  • Style Number: DMK2121-280

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