Fully functional abacus cufflinks with Swarovski beads. Tateossian utilizes elegant multicolor Swarovski element beads in combination with hefty engraved silver to blend grace and style on these beautiful Abacus Cufflinks.

Vibrant Swarovski crystals adorn the abacus rods to create a unique set that echoes centuries past while also capturing a novel sense of modernity and innovation. Angled whale backs allow for easy wear with no moving parts, making each cufflink sleek and functional.

These Swarovski men’s cufflinks skillfully push the boundaries of creative, quality jewelry design. Pair with a blue, gray, or white dress shirt to add a tasteful of a pop of color to any ensemble.
  • Depth: 0.4cm
  • Length: 2.3cm
  • Width: 1.5cm
  • Multicolor Swarovski Elements
  • Fully Functional Abacus.


Tateossian Abacus Cufflinks, Multicolor Swarovski Element Beads